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JBoss Data Grid and DeltaSpike support added

JBoss Developer Framework 2.1 dives into data grids, with the addition of 6 quickstarts for JBoss Data Grid, and JBoss Data Grid used in TicketMonster to allow seat reservations to be held by users.

We've also added 7 quickstarts for Apache DeltaSpike, a useful library of CDI extensions. This allows you to use declarative transactions without EJBs, easily centralize your exception handling, and adds a whole load of useful tools for CDI extension authors.

Of course, there are BOMs for JBoss Data Grid, and DeltaSpike, and we've also added a RESTEasy BOM, to make it easy to get the right version of the RESTEasy client libraries.

We've moved our contributing guides into the repositories, giving you a handy tip when you try to send us a pull request. Hopefully this will make it much easier to see how to contribute to JDF!

Finally, I want to say thanks to the whole team for their hard work - especially Sande, Rafael, and Marius.


JBoss gains Apache Cordova Support

JBoss Developer Framework 2.0 is where we start to go beyond pure Java Enterprise Edition and start to explore how you can add some of the exciting new developments to your Java EE applications.

In 2.0 we add support for Apache Cordova, which allows you write native applications for phones and tablets. For now, we're just showing you how to get started with Cordova, and compile an existing HTML5 application to native. We'll revisit mobile in the next year, and look at how you can access native functionality.

Since JBoss Developer Framework 2.0 we've added JBoss Stacks, which gives you a view onto what BOMs and archetypes are available in the JBoss ecosystem, as well as letting you know what runtimes we recommend.