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Looking for your migration war stories

We're looking to start building out a library of your migration war stories, as you migrate your apps from frameworks and platforms such as Seam 2, Java EE and Spring to Java EE 6.

We're looking for "stories from the trenches". We want to hear about the blind allies you took, and which path you decided was right in the end. We want to know the tips and tricks you would share with your colleagues after work over a beer, and the expert advice you might give to a new team member.

The story doesn't need to cover a complete application migration. We would be interested to hear about one particlarly thorny problem you had, and how you solved the problem.

If you're interested, then please send us an email, tweet us @jbossdeveloper, or comment on this blog. The stories will be stored here on the jdf site, so it can be written in markdown or haml.

Seam 2 Migration to Vanilla Java EE 6

Our first migration covered is the Open 18 application from Seam in Action by Dan Allen. Version 1.0.0.Final is a direct migration to Vanilla Java EE 6, with one CDI extension to create a replica of the JSF 2 ViewScope. It does not include any security (that's certainly a sore spot in Java EE) nor BPM integration. Look forward to other updates to the migration to include security and other features! Documentation of the migration has more information.