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JBoss Data Grid and DeltaSpike support added

JBoss Developer Framework 2.1 dives into data grids, with the addition of 6 quickstarts for JBoss Data Grid, and JBoss Data Grid used in TicketMonster to allow seat reservations to be held by users.

We've also added 7 quickstarts for Apache DeltaSpike, a useful library of CDI extensions. This allows you to use declarative transactions without EJBs, easily centralize your exception handling, and adds a whole load of useful tools for CDI extension authors.

Of course, there are BOMs for JBoss Data Grid, and DeltaSpike, and we've also added a RESTEasy BOM, to make it easy to get the right version of the RESTEasy client libraries.

We've moved our contributing guides into the repositories, giving you a handy tip when you try to send us a pull request. Hopefully this will make it much easier to see how to contribute to JDF!

Finally, I want to say thanks to the whole team for their hard work - especially Sande, Rafael, and Marius.