Get Involved with Migrations

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We're always looking for your war story on migrating to JBoss.

If you would like to provide a post for our war stories archive, then you can fork this site, add a post to migrations/war-stories in Markdown format, and send a pull request.

We're always on the look out for migration guides. If you have one you want to share, let us know. Here's some ideas:

If you have migrated your app from frameworks and platforms such as Seam 2, Java EE and Spring to Java EE 6, and are able to send us your war story, then please get in contact.

We're looking for "stories from the trenches". We want to hear about the blind allies you took, and which path you decided was right in the end. We want to know the tips and tricks you would share with your colleagues after work over a beer, and the expert advice you might give to a new team member.

The story doesn't need to cover a complete application migration. We would be interested to hear about one particlarly thorny problem you had, and how you solved the problem.

If you're interested, then please send us an email or tweet us @jbossdeveloper, or send a pull request against jdf-site with the story.

We'll post the story, and a short interview with you, where we ask a few questions, to provide some background for our readers.

  1. In a couple of sentences, what does your application do for its end-users?
  2. Can you give us some background on your application. How many JPA entities do you have? How many business components? How many views/pages? How long did it take to build the application, and with how many people?
  3. Is the app in production? What operating system and database do you use?
  4. Did you already have automated tests? Or was validation of the migration manual checking and end-user testing?
  5. As a developer, how did it feel to go through this experience? Are you and your organization better or worse off? What lessons have you learned about migration?
  6. Which element of the "stack" proved to be problematic (e.g. moving from Ant to Maven) and which one proved to be a biggest win (e.g. Seam 2 to CDI)?