Examples: Get Started

JBoss Developer framework comes with TicketMonster, a moderately complex application that demonstrates how to build modern applications using JBoss web technologies. You can try using it, download it, fork it on GitHub and learn more about it from the accompanying tutorial.

Apart from being a demo, Ticket Monster provides an already existing application structure that you can grab and use for trying out your use cases, testing your own ideas, or, if you so wish, contribute back to the community with extensions.


  1. What is TicketMonster?

  2. Introduction & Getting Started

    Setup your project, leveraging Eclipse via JBoss Developer Studio, touching on JPA, JAX-RS, HTML5 and jQuery Mobile to get you started on using Java EE6 and JBoss.

  3. Building the persistence layer with JPA2 and Bean Validation

    Learn how to build the persistence layer for an application, and how to test it

  4. Building The Business Services With JAX-RS

    Learn how to design and implement the business layer of an application and how to make it usable by various front-ends

  5. Building The User UI Using HTML5

    Learn how to build the user interface in desktop and mobile version

  6. Building the Administration UI using Forge

    Leverage JBoss Forge for rapid application development using JSF 2 and RichFaces 4

  7. Building The Statistics Dashboard Using GWT And Errai

    JBoss Errai and Google Web Toolkit are used to create an executive dashboard to monitor business performance - watch ticket sales in happen real-time.

  8. Creating hybrid mobile versions of the application with Apache Cordova

    Learn how to create hybrid mobile versions of the application with Apache Cordova

  9. Adding a data grid

    Learn how to use a data grid in the application with JBoss Data Grid

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