JBoss Developer Framework shows you how to write applications using JBoss technologies. Want to learn how to write an application suitable for mobile? Learn how to use the Java EE 6 API with JBoss AS? Learn how to add the power of CDI to your browser? Then you are in the right place.

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JBoss Data Grid and DeltaSpike support added

JBoss Developer Framework 2.1 dives into data grids, with the addition of 6 quickstarts for JBoss Data Grid, and JBoss Data Grid used in TicketMonster to allow seat reservations to be held by users. We've also added 7 quickstarts for Apache DeltaSpike, a useful library of CDI extensions....

JBoss gains Apache Cordova Support

JBoss Developer Framework 2.0 is where we start to go beyond pure Java Enterprise Edition and start to explore how you can add some of the exciting new developments to your Java EE applications. In 2.0 we add support for Apache Cordova, which allows you write native applications for phones and tablets....

What's new in jdf 1.0.5?

Normally we don't make much fuss about micro releases, which typically just fix a couple of bugs. However this release adds a couple of quickstarts: inter-app, which shows you how to have two deployments communicate with each other, bridging the interactions through EJBs, whilst allowing you to use the CDI programming model cluster-ha-singleton, which shows you how to create a cluster wide singleton with JBoss AS But the highlight is Jack Wang's migration story, in which he shares with us his recipe for migrating apps from Seam 2 to Java EE 6....

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